Puresmoker.com (ORIGINAL) manual passthrough followup / Final review

apart from the learning curve , which lets be honest... every device has. I can't find one bad thing to say about the new manual passthrough from Puresmoker.com when used right it will give you monster vapor , great flavor and a reckless throat hit even with lower mg juice. be warned this is a higher voltage device but as long as you keep that atty wet and let it cool down every few drags you should have no problems. it feels nice in your hand and has a very VERY study thick cable. i'm basing this review on the 801 penstyle adapter and the 901 mini adapter , though after how impressed i have been with this passthrough , i plan on getting the 510 adapter as well GRADE: A ::WARNINGS:: don't over tighten the atomizer on to the base. I ruined an 801 atty by doing that keep the atomizer moist but not flooded. I drip but other people have had great success with carts let it cool down every few drags atomizers will still leak into the adapter , it wont ruin it because the unit is sealed but you will have to clean it up.

Frequently Asked Questions

i liked Rob's idea of having a FAQ so much i decided to do one of my own , thanks for the idea ROB!! hope this answers some questions for you guys , like i said in the video i have been getting pretty backed up with PMs here on youtube , so i apologize if i don't respond right away... or at all. super thanks to all my subscribers for the support. KEEP ON VAPING! this is my list of suppliers and vendors that i have had good experiences buying from -USA- puresmoker.com - Home of the first USA made PV ,the Prodigy e-smokeytreats.com - great juice , amazing shipping vaporcountry.com - $4.99 for 10ml bottle of juice and $39.99 for a DSE-901 starter kit thehouseofvapor.com - home of my beloved Marlboro juice , and my manual 901 passthrough. Andre never lets me down vapornine.com - home of the Nebula (KR808D-1) i never leave home without it thesmokesafe.com - where i purchased my Yeti , good shipping , great customer service nHaler.com - LICORICE JUICE!! , also great deals on the KR808D-1 cartomizers shop.electroniccigarettesales.com/main.sc - supplier of the amazing #5 juice , get a 10ml bottle while she still has some left! totallywicked-eliquid.com - sometimes a bit pricey , but you can't beat their deal on 5 packs of atomizers and batteries , also home to the Screwdriver by Trog innovapor.com - distributes the EVO (M-402) in the USA , and his 510 atomizer is the best i have used. truevapor.com - based out of Portland = quick west coast shipping , big 30ml glass bottles of juice with good prices -CHINA- eastmall.net - carry almost every device you can think of , lots of juce including BLACK TEA! ruyandirect - very good prices , i really like their flu-cured juice and their penstyle atomizers are top notch bestecig.com - outstanding customer service , i also really like their flu-cured tobacco juice. -MISC- vapersforum.com - probably the best forum on the net e-cigarette-forum.com - HUGE forum vapeatron.com - very useful model guide and vendor lists

Vaporcountry.com Coffee Juice and giveaway! ::WINNERS CHOSEN::

Rules of the giveaway 1.) Must be a subscriber to enter 2.) MUST BE OVER 18 ... NO EXCEPTIONS! 3.) post a comment under the video , begining with "JUICE- " to enter 4.) Winners will be chosen on AUG 14th 5.) Open to ECF and Vapersforum.com members juice pack #1 will include Banana Apple Cola Cherry Vanilla Orange Juice pack #2 will include Virginia Cigar 555 Mint Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Let's get those entries GOING! ::EDIT:: I'm trying to only keep this in the USA as far as shipping goes , but if the winner (s) happen to live in the UK or something i could probably ship it over seas More about the "coffee" juice from vapor country , the closest i have tasted so far is the e-smokeytreats.com coffee flavor. Kind of a sweetish coffee flavor , with a creamy "Kahlua" coffee liquor flavor. Very unique and tasty. Probably not an all day vape for me , but like i said , it's a great evening vape , and a nice change of pace from something like Mar-Bro or Menthol vaporcountry.com puresmoker.com e-smokeytreats.com thesmokesafe.com

nHaler.com Licorice juice review

i didn't think i would like it , but since the time i shot this video (about 3 days ago) and now. this flavor has become my main vape of the day , it's got a rockin throat hit and a fantastic flavor. I'm not sure what mg content this juice is but it seems to be satisfying me all day long. ... all that's left to do is buy a bigger bottle of this stuff PS: Let me know what you think of my new intro graphics , i was getting sick of that old Matrix-y Tv look

nHaler.com “GREEN TEA” Nebula/Vaporking cartomizer

wow... that's quite a title there again. anyway , this is an absolutley fantastic flavor , a nice light fresh tea flavor , slightly sweet , very slightly vanilla. I really really like it , nHaler.com has some really good prices and fantastic shipping on KR808D-1 cartomizers. I will certainly be ordering from Drew again. I can confirm that this cartomizer is almost an exact taste-alike to the eastmall.net "BLACK TEA" flavor , i have re-filled this cart already with that juice and noticed no difference in the flavor , exactly what i was looking for , really a great all day vape. If you have a nebula or vaporking you NEEEEED this flavor nHaler.com vapornine.com eastmall.net

Innovapor.com “EVO” Followup and final review

This video ran REALLY long so i had to do some fancy editing , i cut out a few of the vape sessions but nothing importiant. now , i have been really enjoying this device , and like i said in the video , if it was'nt for the 2 min "cool down" period i would be giving this thing an "A" for sure. The cart design in horrible but these things are meant to be dripped or dipped , in fact the atomizer bridge will usually hold 4-5 drips of juice which is more than i was getting in the carts anyway. good flavor , good vapor , and a solid throat hit from the 11mg Mar-Bro i was using. The size is unbelievable and the battery last for a good long time , certainly longer than my joye-510. It's lightweight and easy to use and surprisingly the microphone switch in the battery did not give me any troubles at all. i'm glad i bought this and it will certainly be a permanent member of my collection. innovapor.com has fast reliable shipping and excellent customer service. I will definitely be doing business with them again and again. FINAL GRADE : B