The worst juice you will ever vape…

it's best to just stay away from this stuff... ... thanks for the sample Mooby it's unfortunate this is the first and only juice i have tried from Totally Wicked , if their other juices have this good of a throat hit , with a better flavor , I'll be looking forward to trying some more from them. VG formula FLU CURED juice review

So , i shot this about a week ago , before the broken adapter , and before the LixuidXpress flu cured. With that said , this bottle is getting low. Really smooth mellow all day vape. It has a great slightly sweet flu cured tobacco flavor. The VG has been holding up great , no nastiness like the Johnsons Creek. Super fast shipping from NY to NV and outstanding customer service from I highly recommend this juice

Screwdriver adapters from Cisco

a user on named Cisco , modder extraordinaire , made me some screwdriver adapters for a joye-510 , KR808D-1 and Dse-801 penstyle. They all work amazingly and have made my vaping more enjoyable and much more hassle free. The 510 atomizer on the screwdriver is truly bad ass , one of , if not THE most satisfying vaping experiences i have had so far. if you are in need of any sort of mod for your devices , seriously go hit up Cisco , he does outstanding work THANKS CISCO!

TheHouseOfVapor “Gold Label” Cafe’ Juice

::SHORT VERSION:: delicious coffee/cappuccino flavor , very rich and creamy with a solid throat hit , this flavor has not left my passthrough since i tried it out... it's almost gone! well worth the price also , go grab some stuff from Andre over at , he is clearing out all his remaining stock at stupid low prices. thanks for all your hard work Andre! Andre will be back , mark my words

The House Of Vapor “GOLD LABEL” coco e-juice

::SHORT VERSION BELOW::: very unique , rich coco flavor. Think less chocolate and more hot coco flavor now , i have no way of telling if this is a "higher quality" juice than any other given juice , it is very tasty and very flavorful , more so than some of the bulk juice i have ordered in the past. It has a great spicy , coco flavor , really reminds me of hot chocolate. $8.99 for 10ml