RY1 Juice Review

Vapnaway on the ECF was kind enough to donate some RY1 for this review , so thank you so much.. ... with that said ... ... this juice is pretty bad , it has a dry , dusty , raw popcorn flavor and aroma to it. Standard throat hit and vapor but the flavor is really terrible , maybe worse than the ginseng juice! So this completes the RY juice series , here is a quick recap RY1 = horrible RY2 = not as horrible , tastes very much like camel RY3 = better still , distinct nutty / 555 / turkish flavor to it RY4 = easily the best of the bunch , distinct carmel / vanilla / tobacco flavor that we have come to know and love !ALSO! there will be a pretty sweet giveaway coming up soon!!!

Vaportalk.com Mentha / Dulcis juice reviews.

Vaportalk has some extremely tasty juices , maybe some of the best i have had. The Mentha juice is an intense peppermint menthol taste , i vaped this by itself for a few days , but it really shined when i dripped about 5 drops into about 5mls of "hilton" juice , reminded me of those Kool analogs i once used. The Dulcis is pretty amazing , i really can't get over how good this juice is , if you like Riskee or RY4 you will go ape poop for this juice , much smoother than the previously mentioned juices with a fantastic throat hit. Good at a traditional voltage , but i REALLY love this juice at a higher voltage for sure. Thanks Chris and Sean!


not a real review , just me praising the outstanding modding ability of the mighty Cisco , This thing has replaced all my other PVs hands down , i still use my SD from time to time because it does have a slightly better battery life , but for pure comfort nothing i have tried so far can beat this mod. head over to the vapersforum.com and hit up Cisco if you are interested in one , and be on the look out because a lot of the new "mods" coming out from vendors are directly inspired by this device amazing with a 901 atty unbelievable with a 510 atty Link to the step by step guide http://www.vapersforum.com/showthread.php?t=718&highlight=Cisco Thanks Cisco!

eliquidplanet.com Dunhill / State Express juice reviews

another double dose of juice here the Dunhill is nice , it has a strong tobacco flavor as well as a spicy / maple flavor i have never experienced in a vape , good throat hit and very nice at a high voltage for sure i'm convinced the State Express is either Marlboro or a slight variation of Marlboro , very slightly sweeter but Marlboro none the less. thanks for watching!!!!!!1!!!ONE!!

VaporTalk.com Exotic Tobacco / Grape Soda e-juice reviews

The exotic tobacco is a pretty decent vape , reminds me quite a bit of the RY3. Has a nutty / Turkish flavor to it . Very good at a higher voltage. This juice gave me a rad throat hit for sure. The Grape Soda is good , has a good fresh purple grape flavor , it smells exactly like grape soda and vapes very nice , i was pretty surprised by this juice. It has a borderline "cough syrup" flavor. This juice is also much better at a higher voltage. vaportalk.com has some damn tasty juices over there .

RY2 Juice Reivew

not tasty like RY3 and 4 , smells like sweaty socks... and tastes like a chlorine / camel flavor... ... this juice MUST have become Camel ... not great , but not completely horrible. Tastes much better at a higher voltage. Camel or Hilton fans might really like this i think... as for me.. not so much.

RY3 Juice Review

while not %100 sorted out , i just wanted to thank everyone that helped me sort out my computer issues , i thought i was going to be gone a LOT longer , turns out there are some very helpful people out there that helped me get my software issues fixed. just as an FYI , iTunes9 can kiss it... About the Juice , like i said in the video it has a very "Turkish" nutty tobacco flavor , not sweet , but somewhere between Johnson creek Tennessee cured and 555. I could not do it all day today , i didn't get sick of it , but the constant "nutty" throat hit was a little to much at times. also good / better as a high voltage vape.

Eliquidplanet.com “SOLAR FLARE” Electronic Cigarette first impressions

Got a sweet new intro and a MOUNTAIN of stuff from eliquidplanet to review. Including their "solar flare" e-cig which i believe to be a DSE-103 just as a disclaimer i did receive this product for free , so my opinion on it will be as biased as possible in favor of e-liquid planet... wait that's not right. anyway. it has an exposed wick like the M-series devices , nice draw and good flavor with so so vapor production right now , i know it needs to break in so i will certainly do a follow up in the next 2 weeks or so after i spend some more time with it. this is kind of in between a "MINI" like the 901 and a "SUPER MINI" it's a nice size and fairly similar to a traditional smoking experience. my official UNBIASED review to follow later on.

Eliquidplanet.com Pina Colada juice review

this was a freebie juice included in my last order from eliquid planet and i must say it's pretty nice , everyone knows i don't generally enjoy "fruity" flavors. This is very much like vaping Malibu Rum or Cpt Morgan parrot bay , it has a strong tropical sweet coconut flavor to it. i certainly could not do this flavor all day , but it's good as a nice change of pace from the Marlboro and Flu-Cured juices i have been vaping non-stop.

Liquidxpress.com “cherry pipe” juice review

like i said in the video , i have been vaping this juice quite a bit. Coming from someone that in general does not enjoy fruity flavors. This has a nice dried cherry / rich pipe tobacco flavor. It also has a very distinct pipe aroma in the vapor. the 18mg just is delivering a solid throat hit , pretty unique juice , this really makes me want to try a regular "pipe" flavored juice