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Flavourart.it Heaven Juice Mixing E-Liquid Maple Flavor

Flavourart.it has got into the e-liquid mixing game , generally a supplier of flavors for other food based usages they have recently started selling e-liquid mixing kits called "HEAVEN JUICE" Their store can be found here http://www.flavourart.it/expresseng/enter.html the "BASE" juice is nice and strong at 24mg and completely flavorless. I'm still getting the hang of how much flavor to add per ml of liquid , but so far it has gone pretty good. This maple juice i whipped up had a nice real maple flavor to it , something i have been looking for for a long time. they carry an insane amount of flavors ranging from traditional tobacco and coffee flavors to bacon and egg yolk flavors. i didn't cover this in the video but the "VAPE WIZARD" juice is an interesting product as well , i added some to my generic eastmall chocolate e-liquid and it really came alive with bigger vapor and a much better flavor. Libertyflights will also be selling their flavors and mixing kits as well be warned that these flavors are SUPER SUPER pungent. i could smell them before i even opened the package , and my kitchen smelled like maple for a few days because the paper towel i used to clean up sat in the trash can and smelled up the whole kitchen. The vapor it produces also has a more distinct noticeable aroma. Unlike most other juices i have tried , my homemade batch of maple doesn't have a strong flavor on the inhale like most juices... but on the exhale you really get the strong flavor. hopefully i can do a few more of these mixing videos to try out the other flavors as well.

The Copper Electronic Cigarette from Atmosusa.biz First Impressions

Rick from Atmosusa.biz sent me a few of The Copper PVs to try out and review with the catch that if i like one of them i can simply buy it and keep it. I don't want to give away what my final verdict will be , but i will say that the "ROUNDED" Copper with the 510 atty has been treating me very very nice. The Copper is a 6v PV that uses 2 UNPROTECTED CR2 3v batteries , besides being the most interesting looking PV i have used thus far , it has a unique "mouth activated" switch. Where the atomizer is activated by very slightly pushing in the atomizer with your mouth. Which at first was somewhat awkward but after a few vape sessions has become very natural. Stay tuned for the follow up , In the follow up i will probably also include the R2 Copper which is a Rounded style copper with a different body style. thanks Rick! http://www.atmosusa.biz

Greentech GreenCig Cartomizer followup

I feel bad because i purchased these from Drew at nHaler.com whom is one of my favorite suppliers by far. To his credit i received fantastic customer service as usual , and quick shipping... onward After not being incredibly impressed with these to start out with , i ended up being not incredibly impressed with them at all. I had heard so many good things about how long they last. Someone compared them to the KR cartomizers saying if the KR was a BMW , these would be the Cadillac of cartomizers they are not horrible , but i don't see myself buying these again , they last ... pretty long... no longer than my KR cartomizers. The flavor is not great and the throat hit (which everybody knows i like to be reckless) is non existent. Filling them up is a PAIN IN THE ASS , and i feel not even worth it. They worked pretty well on about half of my KR batteries , and not at all on the manual battery i got from vaporforlife. if you are really worried about burning the insides of a cartomizer , but still really want to try one , then these might be for you. as for me , i'll stick with my KR cartomizers for better flavor and throat hit.

Shredded Pyramid tea bag mod

i know most people are "drippers" but with my 510 i'm still a cart user , and this mod has been treating me just fine , it is a variation of the PTB mod that xLowendx and d0kieSmok invented thread on ECF can be found here http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/cartridge-mods/33274-shredded-ptb.html Rather than putting the shredded end into the cart , i have been putting the shredded end up , so it comes in contact with the atomizer bridge. it has been working really well for me. i have also tried the "auto drip" mod using a spring and a poly fill plug , with little success , i'm sticking by this PTB mod for the meantime. thanks to d0kieSmok and xLowendx i'm always on the lookout for a good 510 cart filler , so if you have any suggestions , send them over my way.

Altsmoke.com SILVER BULLET followup / Final review

When viewing this video, please keep in mind that it is from 2009 🙂 thanks Once again super thanks to Xeno from vapersforum.com for lending me this device to try out for a while I REALLY enjoyed my time with this PV , the 3.7v 2400 mah batteries seem to last forever , i tried to kill it but it just kept producing vapor with no visible drop in vapor 6v is really what this device was designed for , this was my first 6v vape and it was great. A lot of people seem to have problems with a 510 atomizer at 6v but i must say mine performed amazingly , all i got was good flavor , huge vapor , and a RECKLESS throat hit. i was using an eliquidplanet.com ( Comet ) 510 atomizer and it was really great. I was getting a solid throat hit from a 6mg nicotine juice! it was pretty crazy. Nice warm flavorful vapor if you are going to vape at 6v KEEP THE ATTY MOIST , try to flood the damn thing , 6v can easily kill an atomizer to be careful. If you know what you are doing 6v can be a great experience. I got more and more used to the size of it , but never really felt comfortable taking it out of the house , i could not really imagine whipping this thing out at a blackjack table for a vape. i realized i stopped grading things , but if i was to "grade" this , i think i would give it a C+ , The size is really distracting. The small 3v batteries that go in it make it seem like this device could have been smaller. I was only able to use the 510 atty with it because it is proprietary , and i didn't have an adapter to try any other attys. It is nice and shiny and also collects finger prints worse than an iPhone , if you aren't constantly cleaning it , it just looks smudgy and dirty all the time. Thanks again XENO!!!!!!!!!!1!!!ONE!!!

Eliquidplanet.com USA made juice , Camel & Cigar-A

::DISCLAIMER:: i did receive this product for free , but you guys know me , and i will always give my honest no BULLS**T opinion and i will never betray the reviewer / viewer trust i have worked to build with my subscribers. I have no vested interest in any of the suppliers who choose to send me products to review , and i would never and WILL never offer to give a good review in order to get receive free products or devices. onward Camel - i'm still trying to like this juice more than i do , i have heard from so many people that it's amazing... mine has a ginger / almost soapy flavor to it. Nice spicy / tobacco top notes but i just can't get past that soapy flavor. It might just be me , and it might not be soapy i just associate this flavor with soap. The flavor is strong , and not on the sweet side at all. Cigar A - at 6v this juice was giving me a solid throat hit , and rockin flavor , kind of like a sweet / very slightly vanilla cigar. Good fresh cigar tobacco flavor. This is a juice (like the NPT Menthol) that i would certainly buy when it's available. In a higher nic content , with a stronger throat hit this juice would be much more suited for me.

Altsmoke.com Silver Bullet first impressions

Thanks to Xeno for lending me his device to try out for a few days!! first impressions , this thing is pretty honkin huge , it is easy to adapt to , but after using the Protege' all day it just seemed really big. It is built like a brick house and feels REALLY durable , at 6v the batteries last a good long time , but i did notice the vapor trail off a bit after about 4 hours of use. nice warm vapor from the 510 atty at 6v and really great flavor. The button is nice and springy and easy to push with either your thumb or finger. It's so shiny and smooth i just want to vape it non stop. follow up to come shortly! thanks!

Eliquidplanet.com USA MADE E-LIQUID

::DISCLAIMER:: i did receive this product for free , but you guys know me , and i will always give my honest no BULLS**T opinion and i will never betray the reviewer / viewer trust i have worked to build with my subscribers. I have no vested interest in any of the suppliers who choose to send me products to review , and i would never and WILL never offer to give a good review in order to get receive free products or devices. onward ::EDIT:: so i got some clarificatin on the names of these juices from the guys at ELP , and "pt" is actually NPT menthol (newport) and the am tobacco is actually american tobacco So , these juices have no names yet , no official graphics or bottles and should be avaliable within the next 2 weeks. This is MADE IN THE USA juice. At this time i have still only craked into these 2 bottles of juice and the wait is KILLING ME , i want my first impressions of the juice to be on camera. Tobacco - WTH?! this tastes like tobacco! like real no foolin tobacco. Rich and flavorful , not nutty or dirty sock flavored at all. Just a very natural tobacco flavor and aroma. This juice has thick vapor that lingers much more than all my other juices. PT Menthol - I'm not lying when i say this , it tastes almost exactly like a Marlboro smooth menthol cigarette... no joke , it's still blowing me away , very mellow smooth minty undertones. No strong neck snapping peppermint flavor like i always get from other menthol juices. Don't get me wrong those have their place and i have come to love them , but this is the closest i have ever had to an analog menthol flavor. Both of these juices performed very well at 3.7 and 5v , ELP is really on to something here with these juices. I'ts awesome knowing there will soon be another option for USA made juice.