Quick look at the HELIX from the Midwest Vapefest

So this was some footage that i shot at the recent Midwest Vapefest, nothing really official, I originally wanted to include it in my official "VAPEFEST VIDEO" but this part was a little to long. So i decided to just give it it's own quick segment. thanks so much for watching, Should be back up and running shortly with the review videos!!


DISCLAIMER:: i did receive this product for free , but you guys know me , and i will always give my honest no BULLS**T opinion and i will never betray the reviewer / viewer trust i have worked to build with my subscribers. I have no vested interest in any of the suppliers who choose to send me products to review , and i would never and WILL never offer to give a good review in order to get receive free products or devices now then, hope this video looks ok , first official MAC edited video , never used iMovie before so there ya go... hopefully i can get FinalCut figured out soon anyway. MiniGLV , pretty awesome , love the clean lines , love the switch , every battery and atty has worked great including 510 cartomizers. If you're looking for a slick little 3.7v PV this is really the way to go. http://www.grimmgreen.com http://www.greatlakesvapor.com as always you can follow me on twitter @grimmgreen http://www.twitter.com/grimmgreen THANKS!


Keep the comments coming everyone, sorry i can't reply to everyone individually, basically it comes down to YES we NEEEED regulation in PV's , there is no way around it. If the FDA were even willing to work with vendors on this it would be a different story. Keep fighting the good fight , and keep on VAPING! Hey everyone, hope this looks ok i just shot it on my webcam here is the link to the FDA's website article press release http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm225224.htm we have to let them know that this bullshit will not stand... i'm feeling pretty helpless right now in the big scope of things. They are threatening our way of life, and threatening out health.


This PV was free, blah blah blah blah now then, didn't have a whole lot of success with the UMP, i really REALLY enjoyed using it with the bottom feed method, until i discovered that most of the juice was leaking back into the inside of the mod. it never got on the battery , but the juice bottle and surrounding areas were covered in the horrible greasy juice. if this could be sealed better it would be a MUCH better mod IMO, Auto juicing i think is the way to go, being able to grab just one thing when vaping or leaving the house is a great idea. http://www.grimmgreen.com http://www.pufftronic.com as always you can follow me on twitter @grimmgreen http://www.twitter.com/grimmgreen thanks so much for the support guys, i'm going to be laying pretty low until at least the end of October when i get get all moved into my new place and settled in. Hopefully after that the videos will be rocking once again.