:DISCLAIMER:: i did receive this product for free , but you guys know me , and i will always give my honest no BULLS**T opinion and i will never betray the reviewer / viewer trust i have worked to build with my subscribers. I have no vested interest in any of the suppliers who choose to send me products to review , and i would never and WILL never offer to give a good review in order to get receive free products or devices ::UPDATE!!:: the ULTRA MAX takes a 17670 battery, not an 18650 like I said in the video. , thanks JamesXRoss for pointing this out to me 🙂 now then.... The Apex Alpha is machined incredibly well , very slick and polished PV , the switch is a joy to use and it's very light weight. I'm still not sold on the RES juice feed system, it has a pretty steep learning curve, and not being able to see how full or empty it is might be confusing for a LOT of people. If you don't like cartos, but like the idea of not having to drip all the time, then give the RES a try. It's pricey , upward of $180 for the bare bones device with RES is pricey , weigh your options, see what you can afford. As mentioned in the video here is Prof Beards written review with some very nice closeups of the PV http://vapersplace.com/groups/prof-beards-blog-group/forum/topic/the-apex-alpha-ultra-with-res/ http://apexvapor.com/ http://innovapor.com/ http://grimmgreen.com/