Jolly from built an E-Hookah for Vapercon2011 It was a huge hit , just a mellow 3.7v vape, hook up your own atty and relax, good people good vapes. THIS is what Vapercon is all about Thanks so much for watching everyone!! I'll post more videos as time allows, as it stands the internet in the hotel is INCREDIBLY slow 😦

A PBusardo Tutorial – That annoying wrapping and getting rid of it

Of course the easiest way to get the wrapping off is to order your cartos without the wrapping 🙂 I had a bunch with wrapping, so this is what I came up with. WARNING - If you chose to use choose to use Goof Off or something similar (I know some people are using WD40) BE SURE to wipe it off completely and don't get any in the carto! It ain't a good vape! If you use the wire brush method a few times as described in this video, you should be able to get all the glue off while avoiding other chemicals.


:DISCLAIMER:: i did receive this product for free , but you guys know me , and i will always give my honest no BULLS**T opinion and i will never betray the reviewer / viewer trust i have worked to build with my subscribers. I have no vested interest in any of the suppliers who choose to send me products to review , and i would never and WILL never offer to give a good review in order to get receive free products or devices now then, if you can get past how truly long this mod is, and it is LONG, then it's a solid performer, It uses batteries you probably already have, and is variable up to 6v. I love the clicky button and the price is pretty reasonable IMO thanks for watching everone, This will probably be my last video until Vapercon hope to see some of you people there 🙂


I have become a pretty big fan of these cartomizers. At 3.7v they are a nice smooth vape, Great flavor, no "Carto taste" I would recommend avoiding most all of the China juice out there, There are always exeptions, I had a Peach china juice a while back that was very nice, but for every nice flavor you get, there are at least 10 others that taste like a tire fire. thanks so much for watching everyone!