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Safe Cig Micro Turkish Edition Review

I just purchased this Safecig Micro Turkish edition about 2 days ago, and it arrived this morning. So far I am VERY pleased with this product!! Vapor production is awesome!! The smaller form factor and weight are nice too. Really looks about the size of a regular smoke. The turkish flavor is comparative to a Camel Turkish Royal, kinda chocolate-creme tasting!! Impressive!!


:DISCLAIMER:: i did receive this product for free , but you guys know me , and i will always give my honest no BULLS**T opinion and i will never betray the reviewer / viewer trust i have worked to build with my subscribers. I have no vested interest in any of the suppliers who choose to send me products to review , and i would never and WILL never offer to give a good review in order to get receive free products or devices Now then, Overall... I feel like the SVR is a pretty handy device. It's not a true "vari volt" device, but the 3 options are nice, even though with some attys and cartos the difference in voltage is'nt super noticeable. It feels nice, the button is nice and the finish is nice. It turns out that the batteries used in the SVR are in fact protected batteries, my apologies for this oversight Not overly priced, but not in expensive. Weigh your budget and look around to see what interests you. Remember that anything you vape, will be better than cigarettes. Thanks for watching everyone!! Please remember that everything contained in the video is my option. I report the truth as I see it, nothing more 🙂