bought this MOD at Vapebash, mostly out of curiosity. It's not going to be an amazing mod, but it will vape and do a halfway decent job of it. Assuming that you really like 1.7ohm single coil cartomizers that is. The body of the mod is glued plastic, so I cant imagine it being incredibly durable. But it does feel nice in the hand, and has a nice soft touch texture to it. Like I said, a ProVari owner is not going to even bother with this mod. If you do pick up this mod, you will need to separately buy some 16340 batteries, and some SmokTech 1.7oh single coil cartomizers. And probably a drip tip. Thanks so much for watching everyone!! link to the actual product

Propylene Glycol Safe?

This video talks about PG AKA Propylene Glycol and if it is safe to use. From what I have read online this stuff is completely harmless. Check out the links to the sources I found. Pretty cool stuff!


I truly apologize for how long this video is. 20min is just too dang long. hope this LONG video was helpful to some people and answered some questions regarding what I vape on a day to day basis. Like I said in the video... a lot... Tank cartos are my go-to , out and about vape without a doubt. Bouge LR 510 cartomizers are WIN in a tank. The HH atomizer is WELL worth the money it costs, and the KingCoil coming soon from is a very good upgrade to the traditional "Stardust" type cartomizers that I was never that fond of. thanks so much for watching everyone!!