A PBusardo Review – Smoktech Vivi Rebuildable Tank

A PBusardo Review - Smoktech Vivi Rebuildable Tank http://www.Smoktech.com VAPING TODAY: 5V passthrough, Boge 3.0Ohm, Ecto Plasma from Juicy Vapor Recent News SMOKTECH VIVI REBUILDABLE TANK -- FIRST LOOK By pbusardo on 27 July 2012 in Rebuildables, Recent News, Tanks with No Comments A PBusardo Review -- Smoktech Vivi Rebuildable Tank Vendor Link: Smoktech UPDATE: Even at 3.7 (see below), one or two vapes in and it's dry and scratchy using the pre-installed coil. And those one or two on the way to the dry scratchy hits are not fully saturated, satisfying, nor do they have any hint of a throat hit. Next step, rebuild it. It is, after all, a rebuildable. I think Smoktech would have been further along selling you the blank platform to experiment with for yourself. Maybe don't even put the wick holes in, but allow the user to create their own wick holes, OR offer a version with two holes for a silica type wick or a single hole for a genesis/mesh type wick, because out of the box, using the pre-installed coil, it's a complete fail, at least for me. 😦 Another Update: First rebuild complete: http://www.tasteyourjuice.com/topsecret/wordpress/2012/07/31/smoktech-vivi-rebuildable-first-rebuild/

Breathe Fresh E Cig Review

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