Blog #5

Just like to be clear here. I left the Vapepit of my own choosing and it was an amicable agreement. It is a great forum for the niche area it covers and would have no issues recommending anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of rebuildables and quality gear to pay the place a visit.

3 liquids from TripHammer

OK, these liquids were supplied by another forum member. This even by my standards is quite an untidy review and I have put a lot of info in there about PG/VG or strength as all I knew were the names of the liquids. Just want to state again that tobacco flavours are not really my thing but in saying that, the review was honest and reflected what I found whilst vaping these liquids. Cheers Todd


Love this pipe, wish it wasn't so pricey. Like I said in the video, everyone has a vape budget, so if this is something that you might want to get into, weigh your options and see what you can afford. If you already have a kick ( or two ) then that will bring the price of the whole set up down a little bit. the good? it's a nice pipe, the kick option is fantastic and provides plenty of power. The tanks work well, with the exception of a few junky smoktech cartomizers I went through. The form factor is nice. It feels nice to vape. If you already have a Jazz you can get the tank kit , which is an extension adapter, tank, and tank mouthpiece for $45 The bad? it's pricey... there is no to ways about it , this exact set up will cost you some extra jingle. The batteries it uses are not amazing. the 18350's I have are just under 900mah , which is ok... but not amazing. ALWAYS use IMR batteries if you are using a Kick. thanks so much for watching everyone!!