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Innokin iTaste EP | TiaVapes

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454 Big Block RDA Review – AWESOME Price,Flavor,and Vapor! VapingwithTwisted420

UPDATE: It's on their site for $69.99! Intro Track = Bingo Players - Knock You Out (Flaxo Remix) What we have here is a monster people! Innovation meets price value in this awesome combination of vape engineering! I have been super impressed with the 454 Big Block! SO much that I might get another! lol HUIGE thanks to my new friends over at Discreet Vapors for sending this for review! If you want one hit them up on Facebook for now! Thanks for watching once again! And please.....PLEASE remember to stay sexy! Also come like my Facebook page if you like....if not that's fine too 🙂

Vlog 6-30-14 – FAQ’s, Vape Room Tour, Updates & Troll Corner!!!

Hello vaping friends! Grab a vape and a beverage because it's vlog time! Vape 'em if you got 'em! Cheers! (Score 10 interview) (Choo Choo Vapes) (VP Live interview)


I am Not A Professional and I have only been Vaping for the Past 8 months. All opinions on all reviews is based on my opinions from being a Vaper Just Like You. I do not own a E-Liquid Company or a merchandise company revolving in the Vapor World. I am an average Joe Just Like You. Please consult a professional or seek information where you can whether in a retail vape shop or online with one of the many professionals in the industry and get an understanding of "OHMS LAW" when it comes to building Sub Ohm Coils and the type of Mods and type of batteries to use and how to be safe in Vaping with security. I am only offering my opinions based on my experience. everyone is entitled to an opinion. Looking for the best eliquid flavors in the vape industry?


IF YOU ARE NEW TO SUB OHM & VAPING PLEASE READ: Anyone attempting to re-create or replicate any of the coil builds in any of my videos please take the necessary steps for your safety before replicating any of these builds. (1) Purchase an Ohm Reader Here is a link for an Online Purchase (2) Understand Ohms Law and Closed Circuitry (3) Battery Safety and High Drain Batteries (4) High Drain Batteries 18650 only 5) Make sure you purchase good eliquid I always recommend only the best ejuice! FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO VAPE JOIN CASAA AND TAKE ACTION Once again, don't forget to join