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NRG Vape Tank Above & Beyond   The NRG Tank by Vaporesso is a master piece of everyday vape and cloud chasing, featuring innovative GT Cores that comes in traditional and CCELL Ceramic coil. The Slide-n-Fill design makes refill easier than ever. The heating insulation layer on the bottom demonstrates how Vaporesso care for safer and relaxing vaping experience. Furthermore, the mesh drip tip with specially engineered structure will prevent any spit back. Enjoy the flavor and vapor out of the variety of GT cores available. NRG Vape Tank at a glance Tank Capacity: 5ml/2ml (EU edition) Weight: 66g / 48g (EU edition) Dimension: 26.5*56 mm/23*47 mm Thread: 510 Material: Stainless Steel Unique Mesh Drip Tip Slide-n_Fill Design Heating Insulation Layer GT Core Enhanced airflow for cloud vapor Maximum flavor … Continue reading Vape Atomizers | Vape Tanks | NRG vape tank | Vaporesso

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The Revenger Kit by Vaporesso utilizes the most advanced chipset OMNI Board 2.0 with a range of 5 to 220W, multiple output modes. As the 1st in vaping history, It features the In-Mould Labeling (IML) case for greater wear resistance, graphic quality and fine texture. It is equipped with NRG Tank, featuring innovative GT Cores that comes in traditional and signature CCELL Ceramic Coil. The ergonomic design integrates the all metal fire button on the side for better grip and the industry leading OLED screen with the mode buttons on the side. Enjoy the flavor and vapor out of the variety of GT cores available. Above and Beyond! SPECIFICATION Revenger Mod Size: 45mm*89mm*28mm Power Range: 5.0-220W Display: … Continue reading Vape Kits | Revenger Kit | Vaporesso